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Do Private Jets Have Bathrooms? A Guide to Air Charter

When flying privately, having a luxury private jet bathroom is a priority for clients. In most cases, our clients choose their jets based on the type of luxury bathroom available. While this might not sound like much of a need, it is essential while flying on a private jet. In this article, we give you an insight into private jet bathrooms.

Private Jet Bathroom

What is a private jet bathroom called?

A private jet bathroom is referred to as a lavatory. It is a formal way of referring to a bathroom. Private jets above the mid-size category are known to have luxurious lavatories.

Luxury private jet bathroom

All luxury private jets feature a state-of-the-art bathroom. The size and category of a private jet will determine the type of luxury bathroom you can access while flying.

Due to space limitations, smaller jets like Turboprops do not have a lavatory. Most importantly, these flights have a shorter flight time ranging between 2.5 to 3 hours.

“Private jets have some of the most luxurious bathrooms.”

Other jets, like super light jets, typically have a small private jet bathroom, more or less similar to commercial flights. You will find bigger bathrooms starting from mid-size jets. Private jets with showers and hot tubs are more commonly found on larger jets.

Premium Private Jet Bathroom Facilities

Inside a private jet bathroom

Jets that start from the mid-size category and above are known to feature larger enclosed bathrooms with all the facilities you need. Most bathrooms on larger jets have polished wooden cabinetry, a shower, and all the necessary toiletries.

Private jet with hot tub, is that a reality?

A private jet with a hot tub is most certainly a reality. The bigger jets we offer for charter have full-fledged bathrooms with a hot tub.

“Enjoy a relaxing bath in a hot tub of your own while on a private jet.”

Our ultra-long-range flights include larger bathrooms equipped with a shower, hot tub, mandatory toiletries, a cabin for storage, and other amenities in a bathroom.

Things to note before using a private jet bathroom

You must know certain essential things before using a luxury private jet bathroom. Mentioned below are some of the points to note:

  • During take-off, passengers must remain seated and wear seat belts. Using the bathroom during the time of take-off is prohibited. Passengers are not allowed to use the lavatory during this time for their safety.
  • The supply of water in private jets is limited. It means you can use the freshwater in your lavatory depending on the capacity of freshwater storage onboard. Therefore, on long-haul flights, use the water onboard to your needs and avoid wastage.

Luxury Private Jet Bathroom

Travel on private jets with comfort and convenience

Private Jet Rental flights are equipped with modern bathrooms serviced and maintained promptly. All the basic requirements in a lavatory are upgraded and ready for a new flight.

Flying on a private jet is like traveling in your hotel room worldwide. Every amenity you need for a comfortable journey is available on private jets.

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