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About Us - Private Jet Rental

Exceptional aircrafts, quality services, and well-trained cabin crew. We are a team of flying aficionados, who strive to serve exceptional services to our clients. Here’s our story, what we believe in and what we aim for.

Let’s introduce ourselves

We are a private jet rental company based in Dubai specialized in delivering state-of-the-art jets for charter. Our company was established with the aim of providing high-quality quality flying services for clients in and outside the Emirates.

Since our inception we have accumulated several thousand hours of flight time, flying private jets across the globe. Our clientele includes global personalities, and high net worth individuals, who have been flying with us for years. We take great pride in providing bespoke flying assistance in accordance with international aviation standards.

At Private Jet Rental, we are extremely delighted to work with experienced pilots and cabin crew. Our fleet of private jets include everything ranging from Very Light Jets, Medium Size jets to larger long-range aircraft.

Vision statement at Private Jet Rental

Our vision as a private jet charter company is to keep excelling in what we do best, catering to all your flying needs. We currently operate 14 different categories of private jets and a total of over 100 aircrafts. Our team aims at expanding the fleet to include the latest jets that offer exceptional features and flight capabilities.

Mission statement at Private Jet Rental services

We constantly strive to refine our services as we go along to ensure maximum satisfaction of our customers. From implementing efficient operating procedures to providing consistent development sessions, our mission is to maintain our position as leaders in the private jet rental space in Dubai.

Why fly with us?

Safe, hassle-free and comfortable, that’s what you experience when you fly with Private Jet Rental. We focus on four primary aspects, which are:


All our aircraft are inspected before and after each flight. We also conduct periodic maintenance and servicing of each of the jets to ensure proper functionality of all its components.

Our pilots and cabin crew are highly trained and experienced professionals who ensure the safety of passengers throughout the flight. We work with the best of the best flight crew so that you can enjoy pleasant flight with us.


We don’t shy away from quality. When you fly private with us, delivering quality services right from the moment you book your flight till you reach your destination is what we prioritize. Our jets are outfitted with the latest amenities. Everything from plush seats, to high quality cabinetry, and entertainment systems, we have it all.


Time is money, and we value this idea. Our entire process from booking, to check-ins, boarding to departure everything has been designed to maximize efficiency and make optimum use of time.

Clients who fly with us, do so not only to enjoy a comfortable flying experience but to also make sure less wastage of time. Therefore, we pre-plan all our procedures, and are also efficient in managing last minute bookings.


A major benefit of flying private with us is the customizability in services we offer. Everything from your schedule, pick-up and drop-off to your on-board dining requirements and other facilities, can be customized to match your requirements.