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Hear from the Experts: Is It Safe to Fly During Pregnancy?

Most health experts agree that flying during pregnancy is low-risk for many women. However, some important factors to consider based on pregnancy timing and medical conditions should be considered. In this article, we will discover whether it is safe to fly during pregnancy, its risks, and comfort and safety tips.

is it safe to fly during pregnancy

Guidelines from OB-GYNs

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) has issued guidelines on air travel during pregnancy. They state that most travel by plane is fine for pregnant women in their first and early part of the second trimester. However, non-essential travel should be avoided after 36 weeks of pregnancy.

Risk Factors to Consider

While the risks are generally quite low, there are a few potential issues pregnant flyers should be aware of:

  • Cabin pressure effects
  • Physical challenges
  • Medical access issues

Cabin Pressure Effects

flying during pregnancy

The biggest concern is how cabin pressure on planes pressurizes the body. Most commercial aircraft maintain an altitude of around 6,000-8,000 feet, which is perfectly safe for pregnant women on the ground. However, some doctors worry this could theoretically trigger early contractions or other issues.

Physical Challenges

Sitting still for long periods increases the risk of deep vein thrombosis (blood clots). Dehydration is also a possibility if flying long-haul without drinking enough water. These risks increase later in pregnancy.

Medical Access Issues

Having a baby while away from your regular doctor and hospital poses logistical challenges. This risk increases in the final weeks of pregnancy, when early delivery is more likely. International flights must also factor in distance from quality obstetric care.

Comfort and Safety Tips

Staying hydrated and mobile is key to safe air travel during pregnancy. Airlines and airports now offer helpful amenities, too:

  • Rent a Private Jet
  • Bulkhead and Aisle Seats
  • Frequent Stretches
  • Snacks and Entertainment
  • Maternity Attire
  • Approval from Your Doctor

Rent a Private Jet

If you’re looking for ultimate comfort and can afford a private jet, this is the best deal. You can get a private jet rental to easily travel to your preferred destination without raising pregnancy risks.

Bulkhead and Aisle Seats

flying a commercial plane while being pregnant

Most carriers allow pregnant passengers to pre-board for these extra-legroom options near bathrooms.

Frequent Stretches

Short walks every 60-90 minutes reduce clotting risks from immobility. Stretches also ease back pain.

Snacks and Entertainment

Pregnant passengers can bring light snacks, music, books, or movies to relax on flights.

Maternity Attire

Wear comfortable, easy-on clothing in case assistance is needed boarding or deplaning late in pregnancy.

Approval from Your Doctor

Consult your provider about flight plans, especially non-essential travel in the third trimester.

When Flying is Riskiest

flying during pregnancy

Certain times during pregnancy pose higher flight risks. For instance, the third trimester is considered the riskiest as there is more risk of early labor. Plus, passengers might need medical access, which is not available on a plane. Blood clots are considered another great risk at 36+ weeks of pregnancy. Lastly, high cabin pressure risks can trigger conditions in women, such as preterm delivery; thus, it’s best to avoid unnecessary travel during this time.

Final Thoughts on Traveling During Pregnancy

Modern air travel is usually considered safe during the first and early second trimester when following basic safety tips for healthy, low-risk singleton pregnancies. Late in the third trimester, non-essential flights pose more potential problems if issues arise away from home obstetric care.

Always consult your doctor if your plans involve significant travel very late in pregnancy. With proper precautions, most pregnant women can enjoy air travel throughout their pregnancies without undue worry.

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