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The Most Luxurious and Best Private Jet Interiors in the World

Lavish interior design is a key element of many private jets. Many owners do not hesitate to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to customize the jet interiors per their tastes. Plane journeys often take a long time, and a well-furnished and aesthetically decorated jet lowers the tediousness and discomfort. Check out the best private jet interiors in the world and their essential elements.

Private jet interiors design

Celebrities with lavishly designed private jets

Private jets represent grandeur and luxury, so it is no surprise that many celebrities own at least one. Some celebrities have gone the extra mile to design the interior in a manner that beats the luxury of a regular mansion. Interestingly, many of these jets are called flying mansions due to their opulent features. They are typically not given out for private jet rental services. They are for the exclusive use of the owners. The following are the most well-known celebrities who have enabled attractively designed private jet interiors.

  • Donald Trump
  • Prince Al-Waleed
  • Sultan of Brunei

Donald Trump

Trump jet interiors

Donald Trump has a jet called the the Boeing 757, costing $100 million. Many people casually call it “Trump Force One” as a nod to Trump’s time as the president of the United States. It is an old model and has been on air since 1991. It gained popularity when it was splashed across the media during the 2016 election campaign period. Outside, the name ‘Trump’ is painted boldly, making it even more noticeable. There is an American flag on the plane’s tail as well.

The jet’s interiors retain an old-time and extravagant charm and even feature seatbelts plated with 24K gold. The kitchen at the back of the jet has all the equipment necessary to prepare light beverages and a sink and glassware. A fully furnished bedroom is available for Trump’s private use. Its bathroom features a gold-plated sink with a green countertop. Plus, there are sofas onboard that can be converted into beds.

Moreover, the lounge area of the jet is spacious and comfortable with cream-colored couches. Three is a separate area with a table and chairs where Trump organizes interviews. The pillows and the headrests feature the Trump family crest. There is a “Hollywood” screening room onboard where passengers can watch movies on a 57-inch TV.

Prince Al-Waleed

al waheed private jet interior

The Airbus double-decker A380 was designed for the usage of Prince Al-Waleed, the prince of Saudi Arabia. However, the jet was never delivered due to an unexpected economic crisis in the country. Yet, airplane enthusiasts rave about the lavishly designed interiors of the jet.

The plane comfortably fits up to 800 passengers, indicating its gigantic size. There is a lavish parking space onboard for the prince to take his Rolls Royce wherever he travels. Guests can relax in the Turkish bath, which has marble finishings. There is even a lift and Hammam onboard for utmost comfort. The spiral staircase that connects various levels is regarded as an architectural marvel.

The jet has 3 floors, and the lift takes passengers across them. It is further used to access the entrance of the prince’s private suite. Each bedroom onboard has grand furnishings, including plushy sofas. The prayer rooms onboard have intelligent features, including prayer mats that face Mecca automatically. Similarly, the boardroom has all the state-of-the-art features for utmost convenience, including a large touchscreen display.

Sultan of Brunei

sultan al burnei private jet interiors

The Boeing 747-430 is owned by the Sultan of Brunei and is often called the “Flying Palace” due to its regal interior design. While the sultan owns several private jets, this is his collection’s largest and most opulent model. The jet was bought for $100 million. Interestingly, the sultan spent an additional $120 million simply to design the jet’s interiors to match his luxuriant tastes.

The jet’s master bedroom is lavishly decorated and features a sofa space, large mirrors, ambient lighting, and more. There are gold and Lalique crystal details across the bedroom for an opulent look. To make things grander, the bathroom sink is entirely gold-plated. The lounge area onboard has a rich, relaxing design with gold-colored elements and luxury black sofas.

Interior design elements of best private jet interiors

Luxury private jet interiors

 The ownership details of most private jets are undisclosed.

The well-known photographer Nick Gleis has snapped images of over 800 private jets throughout his career. Throughout the three decades of his work, he has highlighted key luxury elements of the best private jet interiors. In most cases, the owners wish to remain anonymous. The following are the key areas of a jet Nick Gleis photographed to portray their absolute luxury.

  • Luxury cockpit
  • Space-themed lounge area
  • Curving couches

Luxury cockpit

The cockpit of a particular luxury jet features plush off-white colored seats that provide pilots with a relaxing journey. It emphasizes how the owner has cared to make not only the passengers comfortable but also the pilots. The luxury elements of the cockpit enable the pilots to stay fresh and stress-free during long rides.

Space-themed lounge area

A private jet has a sleek and dark lounge area with black-colored sofas, carpets, tables and other furnishings. A mirror on the ceiling gives the illusion of an elongated lounge space, which is unusual and visually enchanting. The entire ambiance gives the feeling of being in space.

Curving couches

Lounge areas are important to ensure a comfortable and relaxing time during long journeys. A private jet takes things a step further with long, curvy couches with lots of gold and off-white colored cushions. The unique, curvy design of the couches is ultra-luxurious, even for a multi-million dollar private jet. It is the ideal space to interact and socialize with the other passengers.

Due to several reasons, not many private jet owners are willing to reveal their identities. Yet, with photographs of their lavish jet interiors circulating on the internet, airplane lovers can discover what luxury in the sky looks like. The sky is the limit for the designs of these opulent jets, from golden sinks to lifts.

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