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All You Need to Know About Private Jet Catering

Private jet catering enables luxury dining opportunities in the sky. The culinary experience on a private jet differs entirely from that on a commercial airplane. There is higher freedom of choice and flexibility in private jet catering, which is why it is considered the best way to wine and dine in the sky. Let’s examine the various aspects of consuming food and beverages on a private jet.

Private jet catering service

Factors to consider while preparing your private jet catering meal plan

Granted, there is a lot of flexibility in private jet catering. Yet, there are certain factors you need to consider before coming up with the meal plan for your upcoming private jet trip, which are as follows.

  • The jet’s capacity
  • Guest preferences
  • Duration of the flight

The jet’s capacity

Private jet catering dining area

Private jets come in varying sizes with different amenities. Some luxury jets have fully equipped kitchens where you can prepare elaborate meals. Other jets have the tools for heating up prepackaged food. On some jets, no such features exist at all. Understanding the jet’s capabilities beforehand is important to avoid hurdles during the journey. For instance, if you pack food without heating equipment onboard, you will be required to eat cold food. Plan it out well in advance to enjoy a good culinary experience onboard.

Guest preferences

If guests are joining you during the trip, then it is essential to understand their preferences. Some guests may have allergy, intolerance or dietary requirements. If the food served onboard does not meet these needs, they will have a hard time during the trip. Therefore, make a list of your guests’ food and beverage needs and prepare the food accordingly.

Similarly, if there will be kids onboard, pack snacks and juices for them to enjoy throughout the trip. It is natural for kids to get restless during long journeys, so their favorite snacks can keep them occupied.

Duration of the flight

Private jet catering seating area

The duration of the journey is a key factor based on which you should plan your food. A few snacks will suffice if it is a short trip of less than a couple of hours. If the trip lasts 2-5 hours, it is ideal to prepare light snacks and a full meal. Plan a few meals and snacks for long journeys across continents, such as breakfast and dinner.

The benefits of opting for catering on private jets

There are several advantages to eating food on a private jet instead of a commercial airplane. On a commercial flight, there will be limited options to choose from. Plus, the food may or may not be up to the standards you expect. On the other hand, you can pick the food you want to have on a private jet in advance. Therefore, the quality of the food will be more or less assured.

Similarly, most commercial jets do not provide many options to pick from based on your specific dietary and allergen needs. On a private jet, such issues are quickly resolved.

Moreover, food is provided at specific times on a commercial flight, based on the airline’s discretion. You will have to stick to the timetable for your meals. You can choose when to eat at your convenience on a private jet.

Private jet catering gourmet food

While there are no specific restrictions to what you can and cannot eat on a private jet, some types of food are commonly consumed during long journeys. The following are the top examples of inclusions in a private jet catering menu.

  • Salad
  • Champagne
  • Sushi
  • Fresh fruits and nuts
  • Cake


A salad is the lightest and healthiest food option for an airplane journey. It will make you feel full while relaxed at the same time. Consuming large amounts of food is not recommended while on air, and salads provide a nutritious solution.


If you are traveling with business partners, or are in a celebratory mood, then champagne is a must. A bottle of Laurent-Perrier will certainly lift the mood. You can pair it with caviar for a luxury dining experience.


Sushi is a gourmet food option that is a delight to consume while flying. It is light enough to avoid an upset stomach yet delicious and filling. Sushi comes in various forms, and you can choose your favorites in advance for your journey.

Fresh fruits and nuts

Peanuts are popularly served on both commercial planes and private jets. Dry and fresh fruits make great snacks to munch on throughout your trip.


You can request a birthday or other celebratory cake to enjoy with your guests onboard the private jet. After all, milestone events are best-celebrated thousands of feet above the land in your private luxury space.

Private jet catering food options

As strange as it may sound, some food options taste better on a flight than others.

There might be particular food you enjoy on land but do not seem as appealing while flying. It is mainly because the air on a jet is drier and causes your taste buds to work differently. Plus, your smell receptors might not perform efficiently due to low cabin pressure.

Interestingly, food with an umami flavor profile tastes good during plane trips, such as the following.

  • Seaweed
  • Green tea
  • Tomatoes
  • Garlic
  • Potatoes
  • Green peas
  • Meats
  • Mushrooms

Cooking onboard a private jet

Depending on the amenities of the private jet, you may be able to cook food onboard. In that case, you need to prepare the ingredients early on. Some private jet owners hire Michelin star chefs to join them onboard and cook fresh food while traveling. You can choose the right option at your convenience.

To sum up, private jet catering is a worthwhile experience that you must try out. Be it on a private jet charter trip or on your own aircraft, the culinary experience is sure to be amazing.

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