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The Complete Guide for Flying With Pets on a Private Jet

One of the questions we get asked a lot is, if pets are allowed to fly in our jets? The answer is a reassuring yes. We understand the value and admiration you have towards your pets, and hence offer you the opportunity to travel with them on our private jets. Perhaps, there are some important points to note while traveling with your pet on private jet charters.

Pets on a private jet

Private jet charter with pets

Traveling with pets on a private jet is more convenient than flying on commercial airlines. It is because most airline companies have strict guidelines for flying your pets. In most cases, you are required to place your pet in a pet carrier or travel box, which can be traumatizing for your pet.

With private jets, however, the scenario is much different. You are not required to enclose your cat or dog in any box or carrier. Travelers can have their pets beside them in the cabin, unlike on commercial flights, where you must place them in the holding area.

Can I take my pet on a private jet

Key points to note while opting for a private jet charter with pets

To ensure the welfare and comfort of your pets while traveling onboard a private jet, here are some important points to remember.

  • Pet health
  • Age of the pet
  • Documentation regarding the pet
  • Microchip verification

Pet health

Like every other passenger onboard, your pet’s safety is given equal priority. Therefore, you are required to provide us with certificates regarding your pet’s health status. You can obtain these certificates from valid veterinary services. A vaccination certificate against rabies is also required while traveling with your pet.

Age of the pet

It is important to inform us of the age of your pet. It is perhaps included in the documentation but must be disclosed. Most countries do not allow traveling with pets under 8 weeks. Hence, if you are traveling to parts of Europe, ensure that your pet meets the age criteria.

Pets on private jet

Documentation regarding the pet

Many countries issue a pet passport while traveling overseas. Therefore, you are required to obtain a passport for your pet to fly on private jets. It isn’t a hassle, as issuing a passport for your pet is relatively simple.

Therefore, when flying with your pet on a private jet, you must present your passport for verification.

Microchip verification

Technology has advanced by leaps and bounds to make things easier and more convenient. One such innovation is the use of microchips in pets. How these chips work is that they have an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Device) tag that stores information regarding the pet.

For instance, if you have a pet dog, the tag can be programmed to hold information regarding the dog’s health, age, name, breed, etc. Implanting your pets with these tags is essential to traveling overseas with them.

While most of you might be worried about the health hazards of your pet, these grain-sized chips have been certified to be harmless.

When you arrive with your pet at the airport, these chips are scanned to obtain information regarding your pet. Therefore, you need to tag your pets with microchips.

Pet friendly charter flights

Benefits of private charter flights for dogs and cats

There are several perks to flying with pets on private jets. We have listed some of the top benefits off the top of our head:

  • No restrictions on the number of pets you can travel with. Having said that, a certain threshold is maintained, but unlike commercial airlines, the numbers aren’t limited to one or two pets.
  • You are free to have the pet with you in the main cabin. While most commercial flights have separate places for pets to be placed, the case with private jets is different.
  • The boarding procedure for pets is relatively easier as compared to commercial airlines.
  • Traveling on private jets is relaxing for pets as they can move around freely. This will also reduce the stress of worrying about their condition during travel.

Pet friendly charter flights

As one of the leading private jet charter companies in Dubai, we take great pride in providing our clients with a seamless travel experience. If you are planning to travel overseas with your pets, private jets are the best way to do it. Fulfill all the travel requirements related to your pets and fly conveniently.

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