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Dubai Air Show 2023: Let’s Bring You Up To Speed

As one of the region's leading private jet rental companies, we embarked on an exhilarating journey to the heart of aviation excellence – the Dubai Air Show 2023. The anticipation was palpable as we joined the global aviation community in this grand spectacle, set against Dubai's modern skyline backdrop. While the event was worth witnessing, we have brought you some key highlights that will set the tone for UAE's aviation future.


All things you should know about the Dubai Air Show 2023

Held between the 13th – and 17th of November at the Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC), the Dubai Air Show showcased the latest advancements in aviation technology, along with an array of the latest aircraft by Boeing and Airbus.

Our team, well-versed in the intricacies of private jet charter, eagerly navigated through the sprawling exhibits. The diversity of aircraft on display, from sleek business jets to state-of-the-art helicopters, underscored the relentless pursuit of excellence within the aviation industry.


Some of the major highlights from the event are as follows:

  • Over $100 billion in aviation deals were closed at the event
  • Emirates signed a deal worth $52 billion with Boeing
  • Boeing had more than triple the orders as compared to Airbus
  • Emirates ordered an additional 15 Airbus A350-900s
  • More than 300 speakers addressed various aspects of the aviation industry

The record-shattering $100+ billion deal

One of the most staggering highlights of the event, which marks the show’s success, was the $101 billion worth of deals closed at the Dubai show. This astronomical amount comprises many contracts and partnerships fostered between several renowned companies from the aviation industry.

Some of the major companies and institutions involved apart from the Emirates Group are the Ethiopian Airlines Group, Latvian airline airBaltic, flydubai, and the independent government entity the Tawazun Council.

These enterprises have made investments worth billions of dollars, leading to the record-breaking success of the Dubai Air show.

Based on the magnitude of the event and the fostered partnerships, our aviation experts call this the most successful air show hosted to date in the region.

Emirates signed a deal worth $52 billion with Boeing

If there’s one aircraft manufacturer who knows how to put on a show, it is Boeing. As aviation industry members, we have witnessed several high-profile air shows in the UAE and beyond; Boeing remains the most consistent manufacturer.

With their impressive 777X airliner this year, the aircraft maker has attained the attention of all large-scale airline companies, including Emirates.

Boeing 777x Dubai Air Show

Impressed by the technological prowess and engineering feat that Boeing has achieved, Emirates has expanded its deal with the company, culminating in a worth of $52 billion.

  • A total of 205 777X aircraft have been, including 777-8 and 777-9 models
  • 90 787 Dreamliner aircraft have also been signed

Boeing showcases a promising future, having closed more than triple the orders compared to Airbus

While the rivalry between these two companies isn’t surprising, the record-shattering rise in orders for Boeing has left Airbus dismayed. This isn’t a major setback for Airbus, but a tremendous victory for Boeing.

One of the things that we in the aviation sector seek is maximum emphasis on safety while not compromising on quality and comfort. This is where Boeing has exceeded all our expectations.

With its latest range of aircraft, the company has demonstrated its experience in building airplanes that are safe to fly and equally capable of delivering the maximum pleasure of flying.

As Emirates continues to make its mark as one of the most luxurious airlines in the world, it is essential that they operate a fleet of modern flights that caters to the safety and comfort of passengers.

  • Boeing confirms 218 orders, while Airbus has closed 66 orders this event
  • SunExpress has ordered a total of 45 Boeing 737 Max aircraft
  • flydubai has purchased 30 Boeing 787-9s aircraft



30+ speakers from different avenues of aviation share inspiring insights into the industry

Industry experts worldwide were present at the event to share their wisdom and collective expertise. One of the things that we value the most at Private Jet Rental is consistent growth enabled through acquired knowledge.

Hence, our team of enthusiasts and aviation professionals was able to capture exceptional insights and derive incredible value that could enable substantial growth for our business based on the inputs we have noted from the conferences held at the air show.

Based on our interactions with other participants at the show, we understand that the importance of information goes far beyond its phase value.

Speakers at the event have inspired new and upcoming businesses in the aviation industry to thrive and shown the importance of various aspects like safety, defense, and sustainability to adapt to a competitive future.


Dubai Air Show 2023: An exhibit that showcased the exciting future of the aviation sector

As a closing remark, our journey through the Dubai Air Show 2023 was awe-inspiring. The experience reinforced our dedication to staying at the forefront of aviation excellence, offering our clients the industry the best.

The Dubai Air Show remains a beacon of innovation, and we eagerly anticipate the exciting developments that will shape the future of private jet travel.

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