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Do’s and Don'ts While Flying on a Private Jet

Flying on private jets is an extraordinary experience, providing you the chance to indulge in convenience and unparalleled luxury. Having said that, there are a lot of differences between flying on commercial airlines and private jets. Flying on private jets requires you to follow a specific set of rules and airline etiquettes. Therefore, to help you enjoy a pleasant and comfortable flying experience, follow the do’s and don'ts of flying that we have mentioned in this article.

Do's and Don'ts While on a Private Jet

7 things you should do while flying on a private jet

Let’s say you are based in the UAE and have opted for a private jet charter in Dubai to fly to some exotic destination, you must note some important do’s while flying private. Hence, we have mentioned below the 7 things you should do when you decide to fly private.

  • Arrive at the departure on time
  • Respect the flying crew
  • Follow the luggage restrictions
  • Communicate with your crew
  • Dress flight appropriately
  • Follow all the safety protocols
  • Don’t forget to enjoy your flying experience

Arrive at the departure on time

Just like any commercial airline, you are required to be at the airport on time. Similar to commercial flights, private jets also have a cut off time beyond which they will not be permitted to wait. Therefore, when you charter a jet from us, make sure to arrive at the airport on time.

To make it even more easier for you, you can opt for our concierge services, to ensure that your arrival at the airport isn’t delayed. In any case, if you have caused a delay, you are required to bear the costs associated with it.

Arrive at the Departure on Time

Respect the flying crew

Our private jet crew are highly trained and proficient in their services. They are present to ensure your comfort, safety and convenience during flight. Therefore, it is important to interact with them with utmost respect and courtesy.

Follow the luggage restrictions

While commercial flight luggage restrictions vary from company to company, in private jets these are decided based on the aircraft. Every private jet that we have in our fleet is capable of carrying a varied weight.

When you book your aircraft with us, the weight limit is specified considering the number of passengers flying onboard. Therefore, remember to abide by the luggage restrictions to avoid any weight disturbance to the aircraft.

Follow the Luggage Restrictions on Private Jet

Communicate with your crew

If you have any special requirements or additional requests that you would like to make, you can communicate the same with the crew in advance. Doing so will enable the crew to prepare your requirements before flight, so that you have a hassle free flying experience.

Dress flight appropriately

Flying on private jets is about indulging in a luxurious experience. Therefore, dressing appropriately is part of the experience. While you are not expected to wear any sort of formals or suits, you can put on a comfortable and neat attire to feel the opulence of flying privately.

Dress Flight Appropriately on Private Jet

Follow all the safety protocols

Similar to flying commercial, private jets also have their own set of protocols that must be followed. This includes putting on seat belts during take-off and landing and following all the safety procedures stated by the crew. Following these guidelines will ensure your own safety and can help you assist others in case of an emergency situation.

Don’t forget to enjoy your flying experience

Flying on a private jet is a sensational experience, so don’t forget to enjoy the extraordinary views that you come across. Also, unlike commercial flights, private jets are equipped with premium amenities that you can make good use of. Therefore, while you keep all the other essential points in consideration, having fun is a must.

6 things you shouldn’t do while flying on a private jet

Now that you know the things you can do while flying on a private jet, here are some important pro-tips on things you should avoid doing while flying private.

  • Don’t be late
  • Do no overindulge in alcohol
  • Do not carry an illegal substance or other prohibited items
  • Don’t smoke onboard
  • Don’t cause any damage

Don’t be late

This is a self-explanatory aspect to flying privately. Although flying on private jets provides a great amount of flexibility, you are still required to abide by the timelines that have been pre-scheduled. As mentioned above, always arrive on time at the point of departure.

Do no overindulge in alcohol

While the bar is an open tab, you are still expected to be within limits. Getting overly intoxicated can result in uncomfortable situations. This can not only be a hassle to yourself but can also cause a hindrance to our crew members. Therefore, you can certainly enjoy a drink, but ensure to be within the limits.

Don't Forget to Enjoy your Flying Experience on a Private Jet

Do not carry an illegal substance or other prohibited items

Just like commercial airlines, you are required to carry what is permitted by the authorities and avoid any illegal or prohibited items. If you are caught doing so, you will be subject to legal actions that cannot and will not be borne by our company.

Don’t smoke onboard

This is a pretty controversial topic, while commercial airlines strictly prohibit smoking online, private jets vary based on the company. We recommend our clients to avoid smoking online, to ensure the comfort of all passengers onboard as well as the crew.

Don’t cause any damage

All our jets are equipped with high quality materials and amenities that are expensive. These facilities are provided to make your flying experience seamless and comfortable. Therefore, you must ensure to retain the condition of these facilities while in use, and avoid causing any damages.

Private jet flying guide: Ensuring you a seamless flying experience

Based on all the inputs we have provided you about flying privately, we certainly hope you enjoy a seamless and relaxing private jet flying experience. We have gathered all of this information based on our experience in the aviation industry and the inputs we have received from our clients over the years.

Hence, we have curated all of this information to make things easier for you and to elevate your travel experience. If you are looking to travel anywhere across the UAE or around the world, you can contact us today to help you charter the most suitable aircrafts for your trip.

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